The celebrant?s role in wedding events

If you are about to get married, then you have to get ready for what comes next. Before the ceremony, you will have plenty of decisions to make. You need to choose the venue, the music, the menu and many others, and do not forget about hiring a professional celebrant. In Australia, the celebrants play an important role in any wedding. Generally, they are the ones who conduct all the formalities during the official part of the ceremony that...

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Why are Sikh weddings so special?

Weddings are definitely the most important events in anyone?s life, not to mention Sikh people. In this culture, marriage represents much more than just a physical and legal communion, it means officialising the deep and holy connection between two souls. Also known under the name of Anand Kataj, which can be translated with ?blissful union?, the ceremony is extremely peaceful and is mostly based on the spiritual side of the human being. Once...

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